Continuing the success and leadership of the IAFC, my tenure as IAFC Vice President focuses on issues close to my heart — reducing Firefighter deaths, improving safety and well being, focusing on financial and professional viability, building and maintaining community relationships, expanding our medical mission, embracing technology, and reducing the impact of fire throughout the community with proactive, preventative programs.

For the past 30 years, I’ve worked hard as a forward-thinking, proponent of change and believe that high standards, accountability and good communication lead to a strong organization.  I’m honored to serve as the first woman elected to an executive office in the IAFC, and to share core values to create an even stronger IAFC Community.

Building Upon the Past
To quote Sir Winston Churchill, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”  I believe we can continue to learn those important lessons from the past by:

Reducing Firefighter Deaths

The fire service is continuing to improve in this area, but there is still work that can be done. We need to continuing to work on reducing firefighter deaths, including Line of Duty Deaths and preventable medical conditions.

Firefighter Safety and Well Being

As improved safety measures and lessons learned are implemented in our industry, we need to continue to embrace positive change that can help our firefighters.

Responding to the Present
More than at any other time in our history as an industry and organization, the fire service has made great strides in adopting successful business practices. As we operate in our day-to‐ day world, there are two areas we need to remain steadfast in:

Sustainability/Financial Implications

Since our industry is constantly changing, we need to find ways to remain sustainable in the areas of finance, training, and the environment. Although economies continue to present challenges, we must seek out innovative strategies that leverage existing resources for maximum gain, while not sacrificing the progress we have made in firefighter and community safety.

Building Relationships in the Community

This means everyone must “Do Their Part” to ensure a positive outcome. Citizens are included, of course, but there are also such targeted groups as labor, other emergency services organizations, all levels of government, corporate partners, and yes, even media!

Medical Mission

Exploring and addressing The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s impact to service delivery is paramount in capitalizing on the opportunities it presents. Enhancing our medical mission while continuing to provide the best service possible will require balance and forethought.

Preparing for the Future
President John F. Kennedy said, “We can’t know where we’re going until we know where we’ve been.” As we prepare for the future, what are the areas of focus where we can get the most bang for our buck? I believe these include:

Cutting‐Edge Technology

Embracing technology and all it can offer is an opportunity we cannot afford to let pass by. The D block radio spectrum is a prime example of this.

Reducing the Impact of Fire

This is not only the obvious (dollar and life loss) but also the proactive steps we can take— smoke alarm installations in at‐risk neighborhoods, residential sprinklers, for example—to lead the way in enhancing firefighter and citizen safety.